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Who We Are?

Vacant.co.ke is a transparent and secure home rental platform that connects tenants and landlords. We deliver the most efficient set of tools to streamline your house hunting experience from submitting your listings and scheduling a tour of houses you would like to view.

Our Team

Meet the team that invented the platform! We brought together the most talented people around the country to simplify your rental experience. Each member of our crew brings a unique set of skills to deliver the most transparent, secure, and easy-to-use product on the market.




We are passionate about improving everyday life for our customers, colleagues, and communities.


We embrace change, adapt quickly to new needs, and never stop learning.


We strive to be the best, all the time. We seize opportunities and solve challenges quickly together.


We work to create better and more efficient ways to work every week.


We build trust by being decent.

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We’re here for you. Anytime. Excellent customer service is our core expertise. With that in mind, we are sure to answer any inquiries 24/7.


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